Festivals, events in Hungary

If you’ve already been to Hungary you’ve probably tried at least one of its many thermal baths or spas that are a true delight to the body and soul, especially in wintertime. If you’re someone who is more into partying and an awesome summer concert is a more likable option for you, then you should know that Hungary is not all about relaxing days in the spa! When summer comes, the entire country is flooded with tourists who come to participate at the best festivals and events Hungary has to offer.

When it comes to music, Hungary has plenty of ways to celebrate its greatness! Hungarians love good music and they certainly know how to party. You can start off your summer by visiting Sopron at the end on June and get your tickets for a 5-day event of alternative, hip-hop or rock music at the VOLT music festival. While you’re there, hop on a train to your next destination – Zamárdi, Lake Balaton. The famous open air electronic music festival, the Balaton Sound is held here every year at the beginning of July. When you’re tired of partying, you can go for a swim in Lake Balaton or visit Hungary’s best wine regions and drink some quality wine.

Don’t wrap up your summer holiday just yet, because at the end of July, the Campus festival organised in Debrecen is another “most not miss” summer music event that is gaining more and more attention and popularity on an international level as well.

Naturally, no summer is complete without the world-renowned Sziget or Island of Freedom held in Budapest each August. With a long-standing tradition of more than 20 years, this festival is among the best in the world. Famous musicians and bands from all over the world including the United States, Canada, and U.K. perform on the Sziget stages each year. However, Sziget is not only about music, visual art is also an important ingredient of this event, along with many other fun activities.

Now that we’ve established how much Hungarians love music, we cannot forget their love for food and food festivities either. The Gourmet Festival in May is a spectacle of Hungarian cuisine. You can eat traditional Hungarian foods and taste the gastronomical gems of Hungary’s star chefs. Read our review on the top5 ruin bars in Budapest.

For more food-related events head down to the south of Hungary, in Szeged, the city that made paprika famous. Here you can taste original Hungarian products at the Hungaricum festival or taste the best fish soup in the country at the International Tisza Fish Festival.

Wine is also a Hungarian specialty and wine festivities are organised throughout the country in many cities. Another peculiar food event is linked to the Mangalica pig, which is the favourite kind of pork for many Hungarians.

Make the most of your summer vacation by celebrating life, music and food the Hungarian way! Include Hungary in your list of “must-visit” summer destinations and enjoy the most eventful summer holiday ever.